Finding that Treasure!

Auction Treasure Trove is all about finding those treasures!  With that I want to talk about how you can use our site to find what you are looking for.

Using Auction Treasure Trove
We use both Tags & Categories to help sort and find auctions, estate sales or other events.  For Tags we only put in two different types, the Auction Company and the dates of an event.  If there is no auction company or regular event holder we just put in the date.  When you go to a Full Post you will see what looks like a Price Tag and links after that.  If you click on the Name other auctions that are tagged the same will be listed or if you click on the Date events on that date will be listed.  This is a easy way to find what you are looking for.

Check out today's auctions

Today’s Auctions

We also provide a link to Today’s Auctions.  This is updated everyday, but that does not mean there will be any auctions on a particular day.  Especially around holidays, so if you get a Oops…nothing found that is what that means.

We have several Categories, there are Top Level (i.e. Store, Resources, Auction) and sub-categories.  At the top of all pages there is a drop down field with a list of all the different posts by Category.  Next to each will be a count in parenthesis of how many posts in each.  By selecting one you’ll be taken right to that list.  The Category Icon look likes a File Folder and the categories will be listed after that at the bottom of the Full Details.  A post may have several Categories attached to it.  For instance a Estate Auction may have Auctions (top level), Estate Sale and Misc. Items.  When you click them similar auctions will be listed.

Full Details of a Post
When you open a Summary Post by clicking the picture or title you get the full details, links, resource links and other similar events listed.  If we found the event on the internet we will put a link in the details that will go to the page we found it on.  We have other resources for finding events so there may not always be a link to a website.

We also try and put a link to Photos if the Auction Houses’ description does not have much information.  Using photos is a great way to plan which event you might want to go to.  Most companies will include a photo page as part of their announcement and you get an idea of what is there to buy.

Tips for Different Events
Estate Sales: They generally last 2-3 days, are in a private home and the household items are up for sale.  Items are tagged with a price but there is some negotiating that you can do.  Especially on the last day.  There maybe a sign up sheet made available, if so you can sign up to get into the house on a numbered system (i.e. like the bakery).

When your number is called you may enter the premises.  You have to be present when they call your number. When there is a sign up sheet only a certain amount of people are allowed in and the next person can only enter once someone else leaves.  Use the photo page to get an idea of what maybe there to plan out your buying strategy.

Auctions: There are a lot of different types or categories of auctions.  Normally they will be selling similar type items for example Stamps & Coins, Storage Units, Vehicles or Building Supplies.  Many times when businesses go under there will be a liquidation auction for the equipment and property.

Auctions are a lot like the card game poker.  If you watch a for a little while you get a feel of what other people are interested in.  “Pros” will try and hide that they are bidding by signaling indiscreetly making it hard to see who is bidding.

It is always good to do some research on what is going to be auctioned.  Again use the photo page to get an idea of what is being sold, figure out a fair market value by looking up similar items on Ebay or  Google.  Set a limit for any items you may want to bid on.

Craft Events & Rummage Sales : Craft Events don’t normally have photos, but many times they will list the vendors that are signed up.  They usually last one or two days and the vendors are independent so negotiating buys will differ accordingly.  You can find some unique art at events like this.  At the Cherry Festival this year (2017) we found some one of a kind art and crafts.  Putting a value on these things is hard so when you buy things it is because you want to keep it.

At Rummage Sales you can find some great treasures and they are a place to go if you plan on flipping.  Here it will be a hit and miss event.  So try to stick to what your flipping and look for those great deals.

We post ideas for flipping regularly so make sure to check back often to see what’s hot & whats not!

Unit next time get out there and find some treasure!