Storage Auctions 101

Storage Auctions 101: The Beginner’s Guide To Storage Auction Profits (Volume 1)
by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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If you want to a down and dirty guide to the esoteric world of storage auctions this is your passport. This book is for the “ casual” person who want to know enough about storage auctions to be dangerous but is not ready to get married to the life. You have seen the reality storage auction shows on the tube. They have created a frenzy bordering on the insane and many people want to go out there and test their luck! With excitement comes a lack of good sense! I watched hundreds of people come out to “ test their luck” over the years at the storage auctions and 99% of them went home with lighter pockets and dirty hands. Storage Auctions 101 gives you the basics and some tips that border on advanced storage auction buying techniques. This book will put you in the driver’s seat and give you the ability to act like a “ pro” on the auction trial. I submit the storage auction business is not easy, nor as clean as what you see on TV this business will get your hands, clothes and soul dirty if you are not careful. Just as there is the possibility of winning big you can lose big !!! Many people liken storage auctions to gambling. It is not, when you gambling you have no control over nothing but what you bet, with knowledge, a plan and some get up and go about yourself, you can consistently make money in the storage auction business.

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