Storage Auction


Day(s): 1
Starts: 11/27/2018 12:30pm
Ends: 11/27/2018 2:30pm


1693 East Ave.
Rochester, NY 14610


NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE To satisfy the owner’s storage lien, PS Orange Co. Inc. will sell at public lien sale on November 27, 2018, the personal property in units subject to lien at the following facilities, which may include but are not limited to: household and personal items, office and other equipment. The public sale of these items will begin at 12:30 PM and continue until all units are sold. PUBLIC STORAGE # 20738, 1693 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14610, (585) 866-1826 Time: 12:30 PM A080 – Latoria Gill; A094 – Hiram Lawson; B013 – Chrostopher Whisman; B052 – Jazmyne Duck; B081 – Wendy Cappon; D007 – Taylor Jones; D053 – Briaelle Goode; D055 – Antione Johnson; D060 – Shenise Campbell; D077 – Veronica Caine; D079 – Jason Smith; D080 – Yolanda autumn; D088 – Aronda Mcknight; D094 – Timothy Arend; D116 – Hunter Slutzky; D125 – Lenoris Gordon; D136 – lizzie carpio; D139 – Simon Lowe; D140 – Stephon Donaldson; D186 – Jeanette Desio; E007 – Jessica Wilson; E029 – Dorothy Megerle; E031 – Mark Haygood; E082 – Brinden Davis; E117 – Karen Slattery; E124 – LATISHA CLARK; E128 – James Findlay; PUBLIC STORAGE # 20405, 605 Lee Road, Rochester, NY 14606, (585) 866-1820 Time: 02:00 PM A035 – capri junious; A058 – Dominique Davis; B004 – Ma’Neika Slade; B024 – Erica Nix; B029 – Christopher Hunt; B030 – Renita Howell; B034 – Nicole Brown; C049 – Ebonee Rollins; D014 – Rocio Del C Hernandez; D021 – Victoria Wilson; D046 – Latiki Peterson; D060 – Jamarian Cox; E038 – Theresa Thomas; E041 – Susan Goff; E044 – Eddie Mitchell; Public sale terms, rules, and regulations will be made available prior to the sale. All sales are subject to cancellation. We reserve the right to refuse any bid. Payment must be in cash or credit card-no checks. Buyers must secure the units with their own personal locks. To claim tax-exempt status, original RESALE certificates for each space purchased is required. By PS Orangeco, Inc., 701 Western Avenue, Glendale, CA 91201. (818) 244-8080

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PS Orangeco Inc. – 1693 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14610